Your vote is your voice, and I'm asking every Pennsylvanian to make your voice heard on November 3rd. As we continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, it is paramount that you all have accurate and up-to-date information about Election Day. My new "Voting Safely In 2020" tele-town hall series will be a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about this year's voting guidelines. 

The series will kick off this Monday, September 14th at 3:15pm. I'm very excited to announce our special guest, Secretary of our Commonwealth, Secretary Kathy Boockvar! 

Full schedule of my "Voting Safely in 2020" series: 

Monday, 9/14 at 3:15pm
Tuesday, 9/22 at 3:15pm
Wednesday, 9/30 at 3:30pm
Tuesday, 10/6 at 3:30pm
Wednesday, 10/14 at 3:15pm
Thursday, 10/22 at 4:00pm
Monday 10/26 at 5:00pm

To join any of these town halls, please dial 855-731-4616.


October 19th - Last day to register to vote for the 2020 General Election. Check your registration here. You can find more information and register online here
October 27th - Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot. Check the status of you mail-in or absentee ballot here.
November 3rd - Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive mail-in and civilian absentee ballots.
November 3rd - Election Day. Polls open 7am - 8pm
November 10th - Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive military and overseas ballots postmarked before November 3rd.

How Can I Vote this Election?

  • Early In-Person Voting
  • Vote by mail/absentee
  • Vote In-Person on Election Day

What is Early, In-Person Voting?

  • Go to your Board of elections Office and request to vote early. You will be given a mail-in ballot that you may fill out privately. After filling out the ballot and properly sealing it in the security envelope, you will hand it back to the officials.

  • You may also bring your mail-in ballot to the Board of Elections Office to turn in. 

  • Early, In-Person Voting is not yet available, but will be once ballots are printed mid-September-early October. It will end at 5pm on October 27th.

  • Before you go: Call ahead to make sure ballots are printed and ready and check the hours for your Board of elections Office.

  • Available at your County's Board of Elections Office 

    • Chester County: 601 Westtown Rd., Suite 150, West Chester, PA 19380; (610) 344-6410 
    • Berks County: 633 Court St., 1st Floor, Reading, PA 19601; (610) 478-6218

How Do I Vote By Mail?

1.) Apply for a mail-in ballot online, by mail, or in person.
2.) Once you are approved, your County Board of elections will mail you your mail-in ballot.
3.) Turn in your ballot by mail or by handing it in at your County's Board of Elections. It must be received by 8pm on November 3rd.

Checking the Status of Your Ballot

Completing Your Ballots

Voting In Person
1.) Check your registration status. You must be registered by October 19th to vote in this election.
2.) Check your polling location here.
3.) Get prepared to vote. Wear a mask, bring your own pen, and bring an ID if it's your first time voting at your polling location (note: if the physical location of your polling place has changed, but your home address has not, you do not need an ID). 
4.) Go to your polling location! Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. All voters in line by 8pm can vote in the election.


  • Q: What's the difference between Mail-in and Absentee ballots?
  • A: This election ANY registered voter can apply for a mail-in ballot. Absentee ballots are only available for those with a disability or illness, who will be out of their municipality on election day, or have another credible reason to request an absentee ballot. For more information, check out the PA Voter Service's page on Mail-in and Absentee ballots.
  • Q: I applied for a mail-in ballot, but I received a notice that it was rejected for being a duplicate. What does that mean?
  • A: If your application was rejected for being a duplicate, then you have already submitted a request. You may check the status of your ballot/ballot request here.

  • Q: I think I selected to receive a mail-in ballot for all future elections. How do I check that?
  • A: Check your status here.
  • Q: When will my ballot be mailed?
  • A: Individual counties are responsible for printing and mailing ballots after they are finalized. We do not know exactly when they will be ready. You may check the status of your ballot here.
  • Q: Can I hand in my mail-in ballot at my normal polling place?
  • A: No.

  • Q: Do I have to pay for postage on a mail-in ballot?
  • A: No! The PA State Legislature approved funding to pay for postage on ballots this election.
  • Q: Someone asked me to vote online/by phone/by text, is that real?
  • A: No. The only ways to vote are early in-person, with a mail-in/absentee ballot, or in-person on election day.
  • Q: Do I need an ID to vote in person?
  • A: You ARE required to show a form of identification if it is your first time voting at your polling location (you are a first time voter, you moved, etc.). You ARE NOT required to provide identification if you have already voted at your polling place (even if the polling place's physical location has changed).
  • Q: I forgot ID, can I still vote?
  • A: YES! No registered voter should be turned away. You may vote using a provisional ballot.
  • Q: What is a provisional ballot?
  • A: You can use a provisional ballot to vote if: 
    • You registered to vote in Pennsylvania and are eligible in the election district, but your name is not in the voter roster and Election Officials cannot determine your registration status. 
    • You do not have an approved form of identification when you go to vote in an election district for the first time.
    • For a primary election, voters who believe they registered for a particular political party, but the roster shows them registered as a member of another political party. 
    • Someone challenges your eligibility to vote. You may produce a witness to sign an affidavit to affirm your identity and residency. If you produce a witness, you can vote either by paper ballot or on the machines. If you are unable to or choose not to produce a witness, you can vote with a provisional ballot. 
  • Q: How do I fill out a provisional ballot?
  • A: To complete a provisional ballot you should:

    1. Complete and sign the provisional ballot affidavit on the back of the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

    2. Mark your provisional ballot in an accessible and private area of the polling place.

    3. Seal your provisional ballot in the secrecy envelope.

    4. Seal the secrecy envelope in the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

    5. Sign the front of the provisional ballot affidavit envelope.

    6. Return the sealed provisional ballot affidavit envelope to a polling place election official.

    7. Receive your provisional ballot identification receipt.


  • Q: How do I find out whether my provisional ballot was actually counted?
  • A: Within 7 days after the election, the County Election Office will decide whether you were eligible to vote at the election district where you voted the provisional ballot. If you were eligible, they will count your provisional ballot. You can check here.
  • Q: I applied to vote by mail, but I changed my mind and I now want to vote in-person. Can I do that?
  • A: Yes! If you bring your mail-in ballot AND it's security envelope, you can surrender it and vote in-person on a regular ballot at your polling location. If you do not have your ballot, or forget it, you may fill out a provisional ballot. The Board of Elections will ensure that you did not already vote by mail, and if not, they will then count your vote.
  • Q: I mailed in my mail-in ballot, but I'm not sure whether it was received in time. What should I do?
  • A: First, check the status of your ballot here. If it indeed has not been received, you may go to your polling place to vote on a provisional ballot. 
  • Q: I want to wear a t-shirt/hat/pin/etc. to my polling place when I vote. Is that allowed?
  • A: Yes, you may wear political clothing/accessories into your polling place. However, you may not campaign inside or within 10ft of the entrance to your polling place.
  • Q: I have a disability and need accommodations to vote. Is that possible?
  • A: Yes! Every polling location must have at least one accessible voting machine. You may also be entitled to have someone assist you when you vote. For more information, visit the PA Voter Services page on Accessible Voting.


To apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot, and to learn more about the process, see the PA voter services site here.
To find your polling location, look it up in the PA database here.
To contact your County Board of Elections: Chester County Voter Services and Berks County Voter Services.
To receive the latest updates from PA Voter Services, sign up here.

Ways to Help

Want to work the polls this election day? Fill out the poll worker interest form today!

Are you a registered Voter? Do you speak English and Spanish? You can earn $180.00 by joining the County of Berks Election Services Interpreters Team! If you’re interested or know someone who would be, please call our office at 610-478-6490 Ext 5579.