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Houlahan, Manning, Gottheimer and Sires send a clear message to the State Department: Fix the passport system now

Originally Published in the Daily Local.

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, Reps. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), Kathy Manning (D-MI), Josh Gottheimer and Albio Sires (D-NJ) introduced and passed an amendment to the appropriations package that would urge the State Department to use funds appropriated by Congress to address the passport backlog that is having a dramatic effect on American families across the country. This comes directly on the heels of Rep. Houlahan’s bipartisan effort alongside Rep. Hill (R-AR) urging the Secretary of State to swiftly address this unacceptable backlog.

“I’ve heard from far too many families in my community who have been waiting for months for their passport,” said Houlahan. “That is unacceptable and a failure on the part of the National Passport Center, a failure that must be swiftly remedied. This backlog is having a dramatic impact on Pennsylvanians. Families are trying to reunite with loved ones, students are trying to study abroad and businesses are trying to reconnect with customers and expand overseas market share. I’m grateful to have partnered today with Representatives Kathy Manning, Josh Gottheimer and Albio Sires to fix this backlog and get people their passports.”

"The recent delays in passport services are causing tremendous disruptions for people who need to travel internationally,” said Congresswoman Manning. “I have heard from constituents across my district who must travel to visit family, seek important medical care and conduct business but who are struggling to get their passports. In fact, the Department of State is advising that it may take as long as 18 weeks to get a passport. We must address these service delays so that Americans can get their passports in a timely manner. I am proud my amendment highlighting the urgency to resolve the delays in passport processing passed the House today with bipartisan support.”

“Hundreds of local families in my District in North Jersey are rightly frustrated and outraged,” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer. “For far too many, this unprecedented passport backlog is costing families not only their vacations and their ability to see loved ones abroad, but, in some cases, thousands of dollars in cancelled trips. With the House passing this provision, we're working to allocate critical resources to help clear the passport backlog and help families nationwide."

“As we begin to reopen, the backlog at the National Passport Center is creating turmoil for families across the country,” stated Rep. Sires. “I have heard from hundreds of residents of New Jersey’s 8th District who are panicked that they might not be able to see sick family members or pursue opportunities abroad. It is vitally important that we find a way to expedite application processes and I am proud to be part of this effort.”