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Houlahan to Afghan Refugees Arriving in PHL: Welcome Home

  • Afghan Refugees PHL

PHILADELPHIA – Today, Representative Chrissy Houlahan issued the following statement on meeting with Afghan refugees at the Philadelphia International Airport:


“Today, I had the privilege of welcoming Afghan refugees to, fittingly, the City of Brotherly Love,” said Houlahan. “My message to them? Welcome home.”


“They arrived like many refugees before them, including my father, worn down by their journey, but hopeful for a new beginning. With each group and at each stop of the process, I witnessed the care taken to make sure that families were properly screened, remained intact and were never separated, and that they were treated with dignity and in culturally respectful ways. I was filled with pride seeing everyone’s work today - it was an embodiment of our shared American values.”


In addition to Representative Houlahan, Representatives Scanlon, Wild, and Dean were also in attendance.