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Community Project Funding

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The House Committee on Appropriations announced in 2021 that they would bring back member directed Community Project Funding for the first time in over a decade. Community Project Funding is a vital way that Members of Congress can advocate for projects in their communities. We are no longer accepting applications for FY25 Community Project Funding. The deadline for submission was midnight on Monday, April, 29. Since the applications put forward by our office need approval by the House Committee on Appropriations, please refer to this guidance from the Committee to ensure your application is fundable. 

Like so many things in this job, I couldn’t do this alone!

That’s why I have assembled a nonpartisan panel of 15 community leaders from across the district that were as diverse as we are here in Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District.

To view a recording of Rep. Houlahan's Community Project Funding Grants Webinar click here, and to view presentation slides from the webinar, click here.

For more information on Community Project Funding, click here or watch below.

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