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National Security

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My experience in the Air Force has been immensely formative to my worldview, my patriotism and my understanding of national security. That is why I am honored to serve as a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee where I am in the position to address national security issues that matter to families and businesses in southeastern PA. Like so many in our community, I'm heartbroken and outraged by what we are seeing in Ukraine. I had the opportunity to visit Ukraine on a bipartisan Congressional Delegation just weeks before the war broke out, and I am taking what I learned there on the ground to help the people of Ukraine as best we can. This war impacts all of us, and I am committed to ensuring our national defense and security through my focus on issues impacting our supply chains and cyber security.  

As a member of the Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force, I participated in bipartisan dialogue, discussions, and solution development to address our reliance on foreign materials, rare earth elements, and critical minerals. These crucial resources are the key to our national security and defense and industrial base.  Securing a domestic supply of resources such as medicine for our service members is paramount to maintaining our defense. That is why I introduced H.R. 6374, the bipartisan and bicameral Strengthening Supply Chains for Servicemembers and Security Act, to strengthen domestic pharmaceutical supply chains impacting our service members. I'm pleased to share this bill was passed into law and I remain focused on finding other solutions to reduce our reliance on foreign materials within our defense and national security sectors.  

I also believe that cybersecurity is national security. We are seeing reports of cyber-attacks at an alarming rate, and we must respond accordingly. The U.S. needs an experienced cybersecurity workforce to defend ourselves and our interests against bad actors. That is why I introduced H.R.5138, the bipartisan and bicameral Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion Act, which is aimed at strengthening the United States’ cyber defense and cyber security workforce by creating two new training programs within the federal government for those willing to serve in this critical field.  

I have also been proud to work with local organizations like the Coatesville Air Force JROTC program to make sure that the military is a career path available to all of our children – regardless of economic background, gender, or race. My life up to this point is in no small part due to the opportunities made available by my ROTC scholarship. We need to make sure that people of all backgrounds and skill sets can serve in the armed services and have access to the opportunities I did. 

Our nation’s security is dependent upon those who are willing to serve. It is crucial we take steps to increase opportunities for - and access to - national service. I have spoken with so many Pennsylvanians who have the desire to serve, but either lack the knowledge, resources or access to do so.  That is why I was proud to introduce the Inspire to Serve Act, a bipartisan bill aimed to bridge the gap between service opportunities and the countless Americans who want to serve their country. Our national security is strengthened when it reflects the diversity of our nation, and one of my top priorities in Congress is to ensure that our friends and neighbors understand how they can serve the country we all love.