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Health Care

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Health care is a deeply important issue to me. As I have spent time in our community, I have heard loud and clear how important access to quality, affordable health care is for all of us.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have worked hard to ensure that all Americans have access to timely and affordable testing and, more recently, a national vaccination strategy that will help our economy reopen safely.  

In my first term, I was proud to support legislation that was enacted into law, such as the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act and the Protect Medical Innovation Act. At the end of 2020, we were also able to enact legislation to address surprise medical billing, taking the patient and their family out of the middle of a confusing and frustrating situation with providers and insurance companies. 

The fight for more accessible and affordable care in this country is far from over. The Affordable Care Act was an important step towards coverage for all Americans, and I will continue to work to protect and stabilize the ACA. I am supportive of a public option, through a bill called Medicare X Choice Act, which would supplement existing health insurance options and increase competition in the market. I will also continue my advocacy to lower the escalating costs of prescription drugs.  

I have also spoken with health care leaders over lack of funding for opioid treatment and prevention programs in Chester and Berks counties. That is why I cosponsored the State Opioid Response Grant Authorization Act, which provides $5 billion over five years in federal grants to states for response to the opioid epidemic.    

I’m proud of the medical innovation that happens in our community, and during the COVID pandemic, I’ve been heartened to see many companies and their teams step up to the challenge of developing and manufacturing personal protective equipment, vaccines, treatments, and other important innovations. I believe we need to be investing heavily in research and development for new treatments and cures, including for rare diseases. That’s why I’m a cosponsor of the Biomedical Innovation Expansion Act, which would invest $10 billion over the next ten years in the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  

Every member of our community has a right to affordable care, and I’m bringing our concerns to Washington to ensure the health care system works for all of us.