As an engineer and a scientist, I understand the grave threat that climate change poses to America and the world at large. Let’s be clear: climate change is real, and humans are the cause. The adverse effects will impact not only the natural environment but also our national security and our economic vitality. 

I am committed to fighting for binding legislation with actionable measures to mitigate these negative impacts and stop climate change in its tracks.  

Just this May, for example, I offered an amendment to the Climate Action Now Act that requires the President to explain how the U.S. will use diplomatic tools to help our global partners meet their own goals to combat climate change. I introduced this amendment because the threat is too grave for us, as a country, to be doing the bare minimum as laid out in the Paris Agreement. We must also work aggressively with each country to combat climate change at every turn. Inaction is not an option.  

Science is not a partisan issue, and as our community’s Representative in Congress, I will continue to advance legislation that is based in scientific evidence and years of data in an effort to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time.