As a former teacher, Chrissy firmly believes access to quality, affordable education is critical to our democracy. The ability to succeed in our country often hinges on one’s ability to receive an outstanding education.

Chrissy is working to initiate a national dialogue around what it means to obtain an “education.” There are many avenues to a great education, especially through public schools and career and technical training programs. Students should be able to graduate not with crippling debt, but with professional opportunities for which their education has provided them ample training.

As an engineer, Chrissy is passionate about STEM and STEAM training. In her engineering major at Stanford, there were only 10 girls. Today in that same major, there are still only 10 girls. Increasing the number of women and people of color in STEM and STEAM educational settings is fundamental to innovation.

In Congress, Chrissy champions policies that promote educational opportunities for all Americans. She focuses on increasing access, paying our public school teachers living wages, and investing in America’s future.