Voting and Elections

Your vote is your voice. Every eligible American should be able to cast their vote and make their voices heard through participating in our most fundamental American right. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a set of unique challenges for voting in the 2020 election. In response, I made it a priority to ensure that Pennsylvanians had the information and resources necessary to safely cast their ballots. Notably, I held a seven-part telephone town hall series with election officials and local leaders to answer questions about voting from home, safely voting in person, and more. I also worked closely with county officials to ensure that every eligible vote cast was accounted for. 

Beyond the pandemic, voter suppression remains a major issue nationwide. That's why I helped pass H.R. 1 – The For the People Act, which would take bold and necessary steps to ensure clean and fair elections. Through this legislation, we can expand access to the ballot box, improve voter registration and early voting options, enhance election security, and break down the institutional barriers to voting. I have also voted for the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965, prevent against anti-voter laws, and protect our fundamental American freedoms. 

In Pennsylvania, I saw just how rampant voter suppression was. In response, I offered an amendment to H.R. 1 that would require states to offer ten hours per day of early voting for the fifteen days prior to Election Day. This enables people who can’t easily take time off during the day to vote. I am pleased this amendment was adopted because it will help strengthen our democracy by expanding early voting.   

We cannot pretend to have a democracy without fighting for the right to vote for all eligible Americans. I intend to uphold my promise to my community: put the power of democracy back in the hands of the people who sent me to Washington.